Shan Zhan

Hello My Blog

It’s great experience to built up my own phtography website, It has been for a while this idea flight around, however I didn’t materilized last couple of years.  This time I did it with “Format”.

I bought my first serious camera (Nikon D70) on 2004 before my girl friend (Now is my wife) and I went to Finland for short term assignment. A lot of travel photos have been taken started from that time. I got my first set of film camera (Pentax K2) from my father in law at 2007, my interest shift more from digital to analog, I found the film feeling is can not be similated by CCD or CMOS.

I jumped into street photography since 2015, influenced by those influenced  photographers such as:  Matt stuart, AikBeng Chia, Rohit Vohra,Vineet vohra, Alex Webb.

Using Format