Shan Zhan

Street Photography

What is the street photography? Everyone who start the street phtography would like to know and also want to make clear cut on this defination; At very beginning I thought it is photography took at street & most of photos are black and white. Made more street photos and see more master’s pictures, I come to know more about street photography, And establish my framework about what is ST, however there is no standard defination about Streer Photography;  Here is some important elements with the defination of Street Photography: 

Candid shot: Photographer should be invisible for the object

At public area: Photos must be taken at public area, street, Barber, coffee shop….

Reflect human conditions: Reflect the human conditions not means human must in the photo, sometimes some object can even more reflect the human conditions.

No stage: This is one of important disciplin in the street photography world, no stage allowed in the photo, must be naturally happened, no arrangement, no pose., no pretending..

Hello My Blog

It’s great experience to built up my own phtography website, It has been for a while this idea flight around, however I didn’t materilized last couple of years.  This time I did it with “Format”.

I bought my first serious camera (Nikon D70) on 2004 before my girl friend (Now is my wife) and I went to Finland for short term assignment. A lot of travel photos have been taken started from that time. I got my first set of film camera (Pentax K2) from my father in law at 2007, my interest shift more from digital to analog, I found the film feeling is can not be similated by CCD or CMOS.

I jumped into street photography since 2015, influenced by those influenced  photographers such as:  Matt stuart, AikBeng Chia, Rohit Vohra,Vineet vohra, Alex Webb.

Using Format