Shan Zhan

Street Photography

What is the street photography? Everyone who start the street phtography would like to know and also want to make clear cut on this defination; At very beginning I thought it is photography took at street & most of photos are black and white. Made more street photos and see more master’s pictures, I come to know more about street photography, And establish my framework about what is ST, however there is no standard defination about Streer Photography;  Here is some important elements with the defination of Street Photography: 

Candid shot: Photographer should be invisible for the object

At public area: Photos must be taken at public area, street, Barber, coffee shop….

Reflect human conditions: Reflect the human conditions not means human must in the photo, sometimes some object can even more reflect the human conditions.

No stage: This is one of important disciplin in the street photography world, no stage allowed in the photo, must be naturally happened, no arrangement, no pose., no pretending..

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